Workweek 🗃

news with a personality

setting the scene

  • to become more “professional” and well-versed in the latest business news, you google “best business news sources” 🧐
    • taking google’s recs, you buy subscriptions to the WSJ, FT, Barron’s, and Bloomberg
      • you’re learning a lot, but these sources can get a little dry, overwhelming, and lengthy 💤
  • but wait…why force yourself onto these sources when you already consume business news across the web?
    • i.e. Twitter, Instagram, podcasts, TikTok, YouTube, your favorite startup newsletter, bulletpitch
  • the way we consume news has shifted, and this week’s company is partnering with media creators to compete with institutional publications 📰
Workweek Announces Launch of Creator-First B2B Media Company

in a sentence

Workweek is a media company that partners with creators to produce content on specialized business sectors

  • creators: teams or individuals releasing content via newsletters, TikTok, podcasts, Twitter, and more
  • sectors: currently covering cannabis, healthcare, climate tech, vc, startups, franchising, marketing, leadership, and memes

bulleted version:

Workweek’s creators are like artists operating under a record label; experts produce independent business content while represented by Workweek 🎙

the basics

due diligence

what we like

  • leaning into a growing market: the creator economy* has grown to 50m creators and a value of over $100b 🤯
    • *creator economy: allows independent creators to earn revenue from their products
  • 🚀 boosting creativity: Workweek empowers creators to produce content and grow their brands by offering benefits, competitive wages, and resources
  • 📊 diversifying risk: by aggregating a diverse set of creators, brands, products, and audiences, Workweek can diversify their revenue streams and spread their footprint across the web
    • sounds a bit like the vc approach of betting on a variety of companies in hopes that a few big winners will bring in the dough 💰

potential risks

  • varying brands: while cross promotion is great, operating brands with separate audiences may make it difficult to build a unified brand identity
  • hiring with scale: more creators have been brought on, and Workweek has hired quicker than expected 🤝
    • as they continue to grow, they’ll have to pay attention to quality and quantity
  • 👣 the giants: many institutional publications are also attempting to bring more personality to business news

founder profiles


here are a few companies also working towards disrupting traditional business news publications:

why Workweek: to summarize, let’s use our favorite work week phrase- tgif 

  • tailored business content
  • geared towards today’s media consumer
  • individuals follow creators
  • future of business media