Whipnotic 🍨

a modern take on whipped cream

setting the scene

  • a summer heat wave calls for nothing other than the greatest ice cream sundae of all time 🍨
  • you buy your favorite pint, grab every topping in your pantry, and construct an ice cream monstrosity that looks like the Colorado mountain range 🏔
  • however, something’s missing, you need final component that would add color and flavor to take your creation over the top ⬆️
  • this week’s company has a new take on whipped cream that will level up your sundae ğŸŽ¨

in a sentence

Whipnotic is a modern take on whipped cream that adds a colorful swirl of flavor to each can  

  • swirls: a patented nozzle infuses all-natural fruit juices and flavoring  
  • flavors: currently available in strawberry swirl, peach mango, fudge brownie, and vanilla salted caramel

bulleted version: Cool Whip and other whipped cream classics just aren’t that cool; Whipnotic provides a colorful and flavorful product made to liven your ice cream social 🍦

the basics

  • industry: cpg 
  • headquarters: New York, NY
  • year founded: 2022
  • company size: 2 employees
  • investors: 1st Course Capital, Blue Falcon Capital
  • amount raised: $900K pre-seed
  • business model: wholesale distribution

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due diligence

what we like

  • 📈 a modern take on a high-demand product: with the whipped cream market reaching up to $10.3 billion by 2025, the industry is due for an innovative solution
  • 📊 consumer trends: while dessert will never go away, sweets are trending healthier; Whipnotic’s low-sugar and natural take on a consumer staple is promising
  • 💂🏼‍♂️ patent protection: Whipnotic’s patented nozzle gives them the a competitive edge and opportunity to expand into other categories (think deodorant, sunscreen)

potential risks

  • 🏆 winning shelf space: for emerging CPG brands, shelf space is crucial for gaining brand awareness, yet difficult to earn
    • but with early success at Citarella locations, Whipnotic is on track to whip the competition
  • 🥛 dairy-free? while the product aligns with many consumer trends, dairy intake is on the decline and dairy-free alternatives could bring competition
  • 💲 competition from legacy brands: dairy giants and snack conglomerates have sizable marketing budgets and R&D teams continue innovating their product offerings

founder profiles


why Whipnotic: Whipnotic creamed its initial launch last month and sold out in all locations; this strong start leads us to believe the company can take market share 🛒 

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