Valence Vibrations 🔊

gaining a sixth sense

setting the scene

  • it’s peak pandemic and the lack of social interaction is driving you crazy
  • in an attempt to spice things up, you start dabbling with “Zoom dates” 🥂
  • your first date goes surprisingly well, and you message them to schedule the next meeting 💬
  • days go by, and no response 🥴
    • where did things go wrong? you thought there was a real connection 💘
  • this week’s company provides tools to help better understand the emotions of others (and get a better read on that first date)

in a sentence

Valence Vibrations provides communication tools that interpret emotions in real-time conversation

  • communication tools: for both in-person and virtual environments
    • wearable tech: translates emotions into vibrations ⌚️
    • Zoom plugin: delivers emotional subtitles 🖥
  • real time: translations are made instantly using voice data ⏱

bulleted version: get your mask and cape ready, Valence Vibrations’ emotional translation tools give you the telepathic power to read the room 🦸

the basics

  • industry: SaaS, neurotech, sensory augmentation
  • headquarters: Los Angeles, CA 🎥
  • year founded: 2021
  • company size: < 10 employees 🧳
  • investment stage: pre-seed

due diligence

what we like

  • increasing neurodiversity: we’re | 🟡 Happy | that the tool promotes empathy and efficiency in communication between all people, from those with emotional perception disorders to cultural differences
  • 👨🏽‍💻 humanizing the online world: as more of our professional and personal lives have moved remotely, we often miss the physical cues from in-person communication
    • Valence’s products will improve work meetings, therapy sessions, and job interviews
  • customer touch points: integrated with Zoom and Apple, with many opportunities to expand for both B2B and B2C customers

potential risks

  • multiple products: while it’s exciting that Valence is double-focusing on the online and in-person worlds, these products are used differently and may rely on different customers
  • 🤖 over-reliance: if we become dependent on technology to read emotions, could we lose trust in our own intuition?
  • 👂 pensive on privacy: it may take some convincing to get people comfortable with a product that listens to and interprets their conversations

founder profiles


why Valence Vibrations: emotional translation tools have the opportunity to increase EQ for all users; Valence Vibrations’ focus on empathy opens up many (neural) pathways for expansion 🧠