Talkhouse Encore ğŸŽ¸

canned rocktails 🍸

setting the scene

  • you go to a bar and order the classic paloma 🍹
  • after taking a sip, you realize something doesn’t taste right 🤔
    • you ask the bartender about the ingredients, and you are shocked to discover that half the drink is artificial grapefruit syrup 🤢
  • the bar begins to play terrible live music, making the drink taste even worse 🤬
  • great drinks need great flavor and atmosphere
  • this week’s company provides natural canned cocktails linked to an iconic venue

in a sentence

Talkhouse Encore sells canned cocktails backed by an iconic music venue  

  • cocktails: vodka and tequila sodas made with real fruit juice and natural flavors
  • venue: the cocktails emerged out of the famous Stephen Talkhouse, a club that has showcased 70+ Rock and Roll Hall of Famers

bulleted version: just as brands like Van Leeuwen and Levain Bakery started selling their New York staples in retail locations, Talkhouse Encore brings the drinks and experience of Stephen Talkhouse beyond the bar 🤘🏽

the basics

  • industry: canned cocktails, cpg, beverages, alcohol
  • headquarters: East Hampton, NY 🐚
  • year founded: 2020
  • company size: <5 employees 🗄
  • investors: a few angel investors in the house…but still in the works 🤫
  • amount raised: currently raising a pre-seed round
  • business model: wholesale distribution, d2c, retail
    • the brand is exempt from the tied house law, allowing direct sales at the Stephen Talkhouse bar

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due diligence

what we like

  • 🥁 brand backing: today’s consumers gravitate toward brands that go beyond taste and tell a story 
  • 📈 market growth: the ~$1b ready-to-drink cocktail category is expected to grow 13.4% yearly, with hard seltzer fizzling out and canned cocktails becoming all the buzz
    • Talkhouse Encore is positioned to grow with the market, as consumers favor low-sugar products, natural flavors, and 5%+ ABV
  • 🙆🏼‍♀️ adaptability: by adding a cpg company to the legacy Talkhouse brand, the company proves its ability to innovate, meet consumer trends, and strengthen their business model

potential risks

  • 🍸 the space: competition from alcohol giants and innovative cpg startups may cause difficulty winning shelf space and customer loyalty
  • ğŸŒŽ the place: Talkhouse Encore is currently sold in and around New York; will consumers from other regions be as receptive?
  • ğŸ‘¨ğŸ»â€ğŸŽ¤ the base: while the brand caters to all types of consumers; will targeting too broad a demographic pose a challenge?
    • additionally, an emphasis on the rock ‘n’ roll roots may not resonate with today’s canned cocktail consumers
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founder profiles


why Talkhouse Encore: candidly, with 33% month-over-month growth and 170+ retail locations, Talkhouse Encore is a rockstar beverage startup ğŸŽ¤

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