Tablz 🍽

choose your own table

setting the scene

  • you arrive at your favorite restaurant for the birthday dinner you booked months ago 🎉
  • you follow the host to your table, located at the back of the restaurant, next to the bathroom and under an AC vent 🤬
  • after requesting to move, the host brings you to the only other available spot
    • you’re now in the middle of the restaurant where the noise prevents you from hearing the person across from you 🤦‍♂️
  • this week’s company assures that you have the perfect table for your special day

in a sentence

Tablz is a restaurant booking platform that allows diners to reserve specific tables through a 3D view of the restaurant

  • reserve: restaurants can charge for high-demand tables
  • 3D: virtually browse the floor plan through an immersive view of the dining room

bulleted version: similar to how concert tickets vary based on location in the venue, restaurants can now charge more for that spot with an open kitchen view 👩🏽‍🍳

the basics


due diligence

what we like

  • 🤝 creating revenue: as restaurants face decreased occupancy, rising supply costs, and low profit margins, any additional revenue goes a long way
    • Tablz provides their service for free and takes a cut of table selections
  • 💥 pricing revolution: dynamic pricing has become the norm across industries (airplanes, concerts, ridesharing, hotels), and the restaurant industry is next
    • we are already seeing a shift, as 19% of diners want to choose their table
  • 📲 integrating instead of replacing: Tablz works alongside existing reservation systems like OpenTable and Resy

potential risks

  • 💲consumer disengagement? will diners be receptive if booking a restaurant starts feeling like buying a plane ticket?
  • 🗺 3D mapping: Tablz currently outsources the digitization of dining rooms with Matterport; providing this service in-house will provide better margins
  • 📉 the state of the market: in an economic downturn, individuals are more likely to save where they can; will this impact the company’s expansion plans?
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founder profiles


why Tablz: we’ve seen dynamic pricing touch nearly every industry; Tablz sits on a massive opportunity to disrupt the restaurant industry 

so…would you invest?

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