Setting the Scene

  • For over a century, Oreo has been the go-to cookie for millions of households.

  • The cookie’s taste and versatility make it easy to get carried away, by:

    • Dunking dozens of cookies in milk to test the perfect ratio.🥛

    • Devouring half a batch of slutty brownies.👩‍🍳

    • Separating the cream from each cookie to make a sugar snowball. ❄️

  • It’s all fun and games until the sugar rush kicks in. 🤯

  • This week’s company has created a sugar-free version of the world’s most famous cookie.

    • We consumed two boxes while writing this feature, and we can confirm that there was no sugar high.

In a Sentence

Sundays makes creme cookies with zero sugar.

  • Creme cookies: Reinvents the Oreo to cater to low-sugar, low-carb consumers.

  • Zero sugar: Made from ingredients including allulose, almond flour, and whey protein to decrease carbs and increase protein of the best-selling cookie in the world.

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Bulleted Version:

  • Similar to how Magic Spoon has improved the health profile of household cereals, Sundays has transformed Oreos with health-conscious ingredients. 🥣

The Basics

  • Headquarters: Victoria, BC
  • Employee Count: 1 full-time and 6 part-time
  • Investors:
    Spacestation Investments
  • Funding amount: $375K pre-seed
  • Business model: DTC, wholesale direct, wholesale distribution
  • Early traction: Raving customer reviews, 60% DTC gross margin, launched on Amazon and sold out in 8 days

Due Dilligence


  • 🍪 Filling a market need: The growth of the $5b sugar-free cookie market is driven by demands for cleaner, functional products and product innovation that sustains taste.

    • A massive market combined with Oreo’s outperforming customer retention metrics sets Sundays up for success.

  • 🤩 Brand recognition: With bold, nostalgic packaging and familiar products, Sundays builds brand recall, which will help the company bring in repeat customers and launch new products.

  • ⏰ Cookie timing: After Oreo Zero’s unsuccessful launch in China, the cookie giant will likely refrain from launching the zero-sugar alternative in new markets.

    • Sundays has an opportunity to create a leading sugar-free creme cookie in North America as Oreo invests elsewhere.


  • 😳 Taking on the giant: It’s no easy task to recreate the well-funded, fan-favorite, and innovative cookie that brought in $4b in sales in 2022.

  • 🛒 Crowded aisle: Sundays competes with health-focused cookie brands, creme cookie alternatives, and CPG conglomerates for high-demand shelf space.

  • 🍳 Oreos for breakfast? Sundays must educate consumers on the nutritional benefits of its creme cookies to shift the connotation of the cookie from an indulgent dessert to a health-conscious snack.


Founder Profile


Why Sundays

  • Why Sundays: With three years of R&D to reimagine a popular product, consumer adoption of no-sugar products at an all-time high, and an eye-catching brand to compete on the shelves, Sundays is on track to make its Oreo Zero a sweet success. 😋