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share your social calendar

setting the scene

  • it’s Valentine’s Day, and you meet the perfect date on Hinge ❤️

  • after texting back and forth to finalize a location, you send a Calendly link for your date to pick a time

  • days go by with no calendar invite, and you follow up over text to find that your number is blocked 😳

    • perhaps the Calendly was too corporate for Valentine’s Day drinks 😐

  • this week’s company provides a social calendar that helps people make plans and find when friends are available

in a sentence

Somewhere Somehow is a social calendar platform that enables users to share time-based content and see when friends are available

  • social: scroll through a feed to see what others are up to at specific times

  • content: integrate Google Calendar, Spotify, photos, location, and more to autogenerate content throughout the day

  • available: select a time or friend’s profile to see when others are free

bulleted version: Somewhere Somehow combines Google’s shared calendar feature with BeReal.’s time-based, authentic posting to allow users to make plans and share their happenings 📅

the basics

  • industry: social media, productivity tool

  • headquarters: New York, NY 🍎

  • year founded: 2021

  • company size: 3 employees 💼

  • investors: not disclosed; closing pre-seed round (80% committed)❗️

  • amount raised: bootstrapped 🚀

  • business model: b2b marketplace, freemium

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due diligence

what we like

  • 📈 next-gen social: in a new era of social media, Gen Zers prefer platforms that encourage authentic interactions with close connections 

  • 🗓 disrupting the calendar: the calendar scheduling market is projected to grow 15.4% each year through 2027 as individuals flock to online calendars to organize their work and personal lives

    • Somewhere Somehow avoids transactional calendar invites by enabling users to see friends’ availability

  • 🎓 college campuses: the company has used connections across 100+ campuses to test the product, conduct user interviews, guide product development, and spread by word-of-mouth

potential risks

  • 🔒 privacy: while Somewhere Somehow has a comprehensive privacy policy, will users have concerns about posting their day-to-day schedules on the platform?

  • 🗣 brand communication: Somewhere Somehow must clearly and concisely communicate the brand to build a memorable product and create an early network effect

  • 🔁 similar attempts: Google and other startups have tried and failed to rethink how people make plans

weekly cartoon

founder profiles


why Somewhere Somehow: with 400 social plans made in the beta app and acceptance into competitive accelerators, this startup is going somewhere 📈

bulletin board

  • 🥯 event info: on 2/22, we’re co-hosting the NYC Tech Breakfast Club with VC super connectors Morgan Barrett (Lowenstein) and Ariel Purnsrian (investor/founder of Startup Café)

    • RSVP and join 150+ founders, operators, and investors already registered

  • 🌟 company updates: Zette, a 2022 bulletpitch company of the year, officially launched its product to the public

    • try Zette for free to unlock paywalled articles

  • 💞 Valentine’s Day: check out this season of the Land of the Giants podcast, which explores the evolution of the multi-billion dollar dating industry

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