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setting the scene

  • you move to a new city and struggle to meet new people

  • you try:

    • group fitness classes that are unfit for conversations

    • friendship apps that walk a fine line between dates and hangouts

    • small talk with your neighbors in the elevator 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • you get a few phone numbers, but you fail to find meaningful connections and a consistent community 😔

  • this week’s company provides a platform that helps users find their communities based on interests and location

Saturday Logo

in a sentence

Saturday is a location-based social platform that enables users to connect with their communities and find people around them

  • connect: users join groups centered around interests, events, and more

  • communities: post a hangout or message nearby connections to bring people together IRL

  • find: a filterable map view lets users see nearby group members and friends

bulleted version: Saturday combines the functionalities of Facebook groups and Find My Friends to facilitate IRL connections and provide a home base for communities 📍

the basics

Saturday Product

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  • founders, are you about to close a round, in the middle of a raise, or about to start raising and have questions about how and when to publicize your announcement?

  • investors, are you providing PR resources to your portfolio companies to set them up for success?

  • elssus, a multi-disciplined communications consultancy, builds and grows companies’ reputations to increase awareness, business results, and credibility

  • sign up here to join a free, 30-minute “ask Lori anything”

  • given the current events that have reverberated throughout the startup community, these conversations will include proactive and crisis communications

due diligence

what we like

  • 📱social media trends: community-based social media platforms that avoid likes and follower counts are trending as users prioritize new social connections based on shared interests

    • plus, geolocation products like Apple’s Find My and Snap Maps see notably high engagement

  • 📈 retention, retention, retention: Saturday has demonstrated a sticky product with key benchmarks including 40% DAU/MAU and 35% day 30 retention

  • 💡 broad applications: Saturday’s platform caters to creators looking to engage their audiences, in-person groups needing an online HQ, and brands connecting with customers

    • for example, community builder Andrew Yeung uses Saturday as a digital hub for his 1000-person events

potential risks

  • 🔒 privacy concerns: while users can turn off their location or set to the neighborhood level, the platform’s location feature relies on user willingness to share their whereabouts with people they’ve never met

  • 💰 road to monetization: Saturday must test whether users are receptive to in-app advertising, selling data, or premium products to bring in revenue

  • 🔄 self-sustaining: today, Saturday’s most active groups are managed by affiliated monitors who ensure consistent content, but users must initiate new communities to spark rapid growth

founder profiles


why Saturday: with seasoned founders who scaled the first dating app to 100m users and $100m in revenue, community leaders bringing users to the platform, and strong early retention, this platform proves that it connects with users any day of the week 🗓

bulletin board

  • 📈 that’s the quarter: this quarter, we featured 12 disruptive startups and hosted our first in-person event that brought together 200+ founders, operators, and investors

  • ⏭ what’s next: we’ll be back in two weeks for an exciting second quarter

    • stay tuned for more industry-disrupting startups, a pitch competition, and IRL events 👀

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