Purpose 🌐

LinkedIn for the next generation

setting the scene

  • in the hope of advancing your career, you browse LinkedIn to find relevant content and connections
  • you log on to find:
    • 10+ notifications for work anniversaries, birthdays, and irrelevant job postings 🤨
    • a post from your high school classmate who is “honored and humbled” to receive a new job offer 🙄
    • connection requests from a “business storyteller” and a “connector, wizard, guru” 🤔
  • you struggle to filter through the noise to find useful content
  • this week’s company provides a social networking platform that helps young professionals develop relationships and accelerate their careers

in a sentence

Purpose is a professional networking platform that enables users to connect based on interests and career goals 

  • connect: users follow and message each other, like posts, and meet via an intro matching algorithm
  • interests: users join groups (termed “Circles”) to exchange on a particular topic

bulleted version: similar to how a gym allows members to improve their fitness through personal training and group classes, Purpose enables users to grow their careers through 1:1 intros and curated interest groups 🏋🏼

the basics

  • industries: consumer internet, social networking, career development, hr tech
  • headquarters: Berlin, Germany 🇩🇪
  • year founded: 2021
  • company size: 5 employees
  • investors: bootstrapped 🚀
  • business model: b2c, freemium

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due diligence

what we like

  • 📈 social networking trends: the social networking market has grown 20% to $86.8b in 2023, and professional networking platforms (i.e. LinkedIn) have seen record sales, engagement, and user growth amidst layoffs and recruitment trends
  • 🎯 next-gen networking: 45% of Gen Zers and millennials claim that social media helps advance their careers, and 67% trust online networking when establishing professional relationships 
    • plus, users are tired of existing professional networking platforms
  • 🤝 authentic connections: Purpose has proven its product by helping early users meet co-founders and find new careers
    • developing for user needs will drive retention

potential risks

  • 👾 existing players: will users adopt an additional platform that helps them network and discover career opportunities?
  • 🛣 road to revenue: before Purpose makes revenue on a paid membership, they must determine whether enough users are willing to pay for a premium product
    • operating without revenue may slow growth for a bootstrapped startup
  • 👵 attracting experienced professionals: while Gen Zers account for a significant and growing percentage of the workforce, young workers desire opportunities to connect with experienced professionals
weekly cartoon

founder profiles


why Purpose: with a 2k+ waitlist, 60% weekly active user retention, and users successfully finding new careers, co-founders, and connections, Purpose is connecting with young professionals

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