Playhouse 🏡

renovating the house-hunting process

setting the scene

  • it’s time to buy your first home, so you hop on Zillow to browse listings in your desired neighborhood 🏘
  • you take a break to look at a few homes “a little” above your price range 💰
  • hours have passed by, and you can’t imagine a future without that 6-bedroom Malibu waterfront property with a wine cellar and heated toilet seat 🚽
  • dream house-hunting has become a form of entertainment, and this week’s company is building a product to capitalize on this trend📱

in a sentence

Playhouse is a real estate discovery platform that lets users scroll through listings, gain insights, and engage with brokers

  • scroll: similar to TikTok or Instagram Reels, videos and photos appear in a feed
  • insights: explore neighborhood listings and property details using a map interface
  • brokers: message agents and keep up with their content

bulleted version: picture your Instagram feed having a reel estate section; Playhouse combines a social media interface with a database like Zillow 🎥

the basics

due diligence

what we like

  • 👀 engagement: Zillow surfing has proven that users love exploring real estate online, whether or not they’re in the market for a new home
  • 🎥 broker tool: Playhouse gives brokers a new, engaging way to connect with buyers
  • 📚gamification: a price guessing game educates users on housing markets and keeps them on the app

potential risks

  • 🤳young audience: the TikTok-esque interface may appeal to a younger audience, most of whom aren’t ready to purchase a home
    • if Playhouse hopes to connect buyers and agents, they’ll need to cater to current homebuyers
  • 👮‍♂️content moderation: as the platform scales and users are able to post their own content, Playhouse will have to monitor for relevancy
  • 👩🏻‍💼selling to brokers: agents will only join if Playhouse’s tools are tailored to growing their audiences and deal flow

founder profiles


why Playhouse: Playhouse has designed an engaging video-first platform that puts a contemporary twist on the digital home buying and browsing experience…we’re sold🪧