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entrepreneurial education

setting the scene

  • what do Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Daniel Ek, and Jack Dorsey all have in common? (besides being billionaire tech foundersπŸ’°)
    • they’re all college drop outs βŒπŸŽ“
  • many educators struggle to provide the entrepreneurial ecosystem so many people seek πŸ”Ž
  • this week’s company provides tools and a community for universities looking to retain entrepreneurial talent

in a sentence

Next Gen HQ is an educational technology company that teaches entrepreneurial thinking through an app and in-person experiences 

  • teaches: works with schools, employers, or any other org. with young talent 🏫
  • entrepreneurial thinking: fosters a resourceful, creative, and innovative problem-solving mindset
  • experiences: content is delivered through the Next Gen HQ app as well as community events, mentoring, and an active network 🌐

bulleted version: any athlete knows the power of training with multiple reps; Next Gen HQ provides the reps needed to train the entrepreneurial muscle πŸ’ͺ

the basics

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  • founders know that building an app is no easy task, but Techstars-backed startup, Apsy, is innovating how apps are built through their AI platform
  • Apsy has quickly acquired their first 40 customers, generated $0.5M in revenue in their first year, and will be rolling out a new platform that walks users through building an app via verbal conversation
  • Apsy is raising their $2M seed round (with more than half already complete) and running a crowdfunding campaign as well; this is a company worth paying attention to

due diligence

what we like

  • πŸ”΅ blue-chip customers: Next Gen HQ sells to colleges, universities, and governments who can sign large contracts
    • plus, Next Gen HQ’s curriculum will help increase retention
  • πŸš€ a generation of entrepreneurs: gen z has shown signs of being the most entrepreneurial generation, with 72% planning to run their own venture and 41% already doing freelance work
  • 🎀 community + talent: with an expanding number of jobs and career paths, Next Gen HQ brings coaching concepts and a network to a younger generation and broader demographic

potential risks

  • πŸ“š in-school programs: Next Gen HQ competes with schools who have their own entrepreneurship programs and student-run organizations
  • πŸ“ˆ scaling events: in-person events enhance the Next Gen HQ experience, but this part of the business is difficult to scale
  • πŸ‘¦πŸ½ target a bigger audience? as the name insinuates, Next Gen HQ is focused on developing young talent, but couldn’t all ages benefit from picking up entrepreneurial skills?

founder profiles


why Next Gen HQ: Next Gen HQ already has thousands of users and premier customers including Amherst College and NYC schools; this early traction along with two talented CEOs position the company to inspire the next generation of thinkers  πŸ§ 

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