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a note from us

  • mentorship has helped leaders throughout history reach their potential
    • Plato would have no influence without Socrates
    • and Aristotle would have never made it without Plato 📚
  • here are some more mentor-mentee duos:
    • Steven Spielberg mentored JJ Abrams 🍿
    • Maya Angelou mentored Oprah Winfrey
    • Usher mentored Justin Bieber 🎤
    • Professor Dumbledore mentored Harry Potter 🧙‍♂️
  • this week’s company is building a mentorship destination to help you find your next Socrates
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in a sentence

Mento is a career care platform that provides support and resources for individuals to better manage their careers, salaries, and daily work

  • support: 1-on-1 and group coaching sessions from experienced industry veterans
  • resources: on-demand content, workshops, tools, and guides

bulleted version: leave the coca cola at home; Mento’s resources help you avoid a career explosion 🍬🥤🌋

the basics

due diligence

what we like

  • 🗣 personalized guidance: it’s difficult to find go-to resources for decisions like changing careers, asking for a promotion, and starting a business
  • 🧠 career/mental health: mental health struggles in the workplace are increasing 
    • coaching and resources allow individuals to be proactive and reactive to their career wellness
  • we could all use a mentor: Mento is making interpersonal career guidance accessible
    • 76% of people claim having a mentor is important, yet only 37% of people have mentors 

potential risks

  • catering to a large audience: Mento must target people at all stages of employment
    • whether they’re between jobs, out of work, or working full-time
  • B2C vs. B2B: while it’s great that anyone can sign up for the product, the real money comes from enterprise customers
  • 📈scaling: the company hires executive coaches and experienced professionals as mentors
    • finding quality coaches is expensive, timely, and limited in supply

founder profiles


why Mento: “will you be my mentor” is not an easy question to ask; Mento’s experienced leadership team and coaches, along with the host of platform tools, will give many professionals actionable steps to finding mentorship and career wellness for years to come