Linguix 💬

your personal grammar assistant

a note from us

  • 🎬 setting the scene:
    • you’re in college, it’s 2am, and you just completed a 10-page assignment
    • you made it, but the last two pages make no sense
    • at this point, there are a few options:
      • ask for a deadline extension
      • chug a Red Bull and pull an all-nighter
      • turn it in and accept the low grade
    • what if you had an editor that was with you along the way, making sure each sentence was clear and correct?
  • this week’s company, Linguix, is here to serve every fatigued student, overworked professional, and weekly startup newsletter author 😉 with their daily tasks

in a sentence

Linguix is an AI-based writing assistant that gives instant feedback and suggestions, allowing writers to save time and learn from mistakes ✅

  • AI-based writing assistant: gives real-time recommendations to enhance sentences and grammar
  • saves time: users can create shortcuts to automate everyday typing tasks
    • no more copy & pasting sales emails
  • learn from past mistakes: Linguix’s writing coach provides personalized learning to permanently improve written grammar

bulleted version: no need to rely on your friend or parent to review your emails; Linguix is putting the grammar police out of business 👮🏻

the basics

due diligence

what we like

  • freemium model: by providing a “try before you buy” experience, Linguix has potential to grow a large customer base and convert free users to paying customers (starting at $8/month)
    • this kind of model allowed the user counts of companies like DropBox and MailChimp to soar
  • 🤝 workplace effectiveness: Linguix’s tools allow professionals to
  • 📈 growing market: the AI writing assistant software market is currently valued at $1.2b and is expected to grow 28% by 2028
    • with a diversified client base (professionals, non-native speakers, and high school students writing their Lord of the Flies paper), Linguix is positioned to outpace this growth

potential risks

  • biases in AI language models: AI models have a history of reflecting prejudices and racial biases
    • how will Linguix rid biases in their text assistant?
  • 💎 usage based limitations: the freemium model is great, but will its usage limitations be enough to convert premium users?
  • over-diversification: can Linguix focus their attention on both a gamified educational experience and a saas productivity tool?

founder profiles


why Linguix: by elevating spelling and grammar, integrating into millions of websites, and serving a diverse customer base, Linguix is d̶e̶f̶i̶n̶a̶t̶l̶e̶y̶ definitely differentiated from the rest