Jibby Coffee ☕️

but first, CBD coffee

setting the scene

  • you wake up at 6am and pound a cold brew to fight exhaustion ☕️
  • still fatigued, you hit your local coffee shop on the way to work ☕️☕️
  • you struggle to resist the office coffee machine and take an espresso shot to prepare for your busy morning ☕️☕️☕️
  • at your 9am meeting, you find your hands shaking, head spinning, and heart rate accelerating 🤯
  • this week’s company makes coffee that provides a caffeine fill while making drinkers feel productive, clear, and mentally sound

in a sentence

Jibby makes CBD-infused coffee and lattes

  • CBD: derived from hemp; increases focus and reduces stress and anxiety
  • coffee: sustainably sourced beans; boosts energy and alertness

bulleted version: Jibby is like yin and yang, with alertness from coffee and calmness from CBD bringing caffeinated equilibrium ☯️     

the basics

  • industry: cpg, beverage, cannabis
  • headquarters: Miami, FL 🌴
  • year founded: 2020
  • company size: < 5 employees 🧳
  • investors: Pete Lescoe, Dan Pantelo, Eliana Goldstein, Beth Goldstein
  • amount raised: $300k; currently raising pre-seed
  • business model: retail distribution, wholesale direct, d2c

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due diligence

what we like

  • 💥 caffeinated markets: the global ready to drink coffee market was estimated at $26.3b in 2022 (growing 8.3%), and the CBD beverage market was valued at $3.2b in 2022 (growing 28.7%)
  • 💨 tailwinds: the diversifying CBD industry, preferences for low-cal, low-sugar drinks, and the evolution of coffee culture presents Jibby with a promising market opportunity
  • 🚀 product expansion: the company has the potential to expand to new formats (beans, pods, and powders) and ingredients that address different functions 

potential risks

  • 📚 safe for work: while CBD has been readily adopted for its health benefits, Jibby must assure consumers that drinking cannabidiol is legal, healthy, and safe   
  • 👮🏽 regulation: despite legislation from Congress, FDA regulation may raise investor concern and prevent Jibby from effectively marketing the product
  • 🛒 shelf space: Jibby competes with ready to drink coffee, CBD drinks, and functional beverages for competitive shelf space 
Jibby Coffee Cartoon

founder profiles


why Jibby: with 300+ active retailers in Miami and NYC, 43% MoM reorders, and 26% monthly revenue growth, Jibby has a latte potential to define the CBD coffee industry

bulletin board

  • 🗞 must read: ever thought of investing in playing cards? sneakers? whisky? our friend Wyatt Cavalier educates investors on alternative assets in his newsletter alts.co 
  • 💰 deal flow: Camber is raising their pre-seed round with 20% already committed

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