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setting the scene

  • you quit your day job to pursue your ceramics side hustle full-time🏺
  • you set up a website with an online store and let the customers roll in 💸
  • a viral TikTok brings so much traffic to your website that the online store crashes 💥
  • you call customer service, and after hours on hold, you hire a freelance website developer who can’t start until next week 🙄
  • this week’s company prevents this catastrophe by helping employers with urgent needs and freelancers looking for immediate flexible work 

in a sentence

goopss is a marketplace that instantly connects employers to available freelancers

  • employers: browse and hire freelancers in <5 min
  • freelancers: indicate availability and select relevant projects

bulleted version: similar to how Uber instantly matches passengers to a driver, goopss enables businesses to quickly find a freelancer 🚙  

the basics

  • industry: hr tech, freelancing, marketplace
  • headquarters: Jerusalem, Israel 🇮🇱
  • year founded: 2022
  • company size: 4 employees
  • investors: angels
  • amount raised: raising seed q2 2023
  • business model: transaction fees from employers and freelancers  

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due diligence

what we like

  • 💥 need for instant services: during times of crises, companies require efficient ways to address their urgent needs
    • plus, leaning into diverse talent strategies builds resiliency
  • 📈 market opportunity: the freelancing platform market size is expected to grow to $12.6b by 2027
    • in the US, 70% of small businesses and 30% of Fortune 500 companies hire freelancers
  • 👩🏻‍💼 future of work: amidst mass firings and work-from-home tailwinds, workers prioritize flexibility 
    • many professionals have realized that contract work can pay the bills and improve their lifestyle

potential risks

  • 🥷🏻 competitor copycats: what’s stopping Upwork and others from building instant matching functionality?
  • 🔢 constant customers: goopss can only deliver instant connecting when enough freelancers and companies join and consistently use the platform
  • 🧐 freelancer screening: how will goopss ensure quality matches when companies have minimal time to vet potential workers?
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founder profiles


why goopss: with 200+ companies on the waitlist and 500 new freelancers joining each week, goopss’s instant traction reflects its potential to match the success of market leaders

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