Setting the Scene

  • Over the past few years, connected fitness has taken homes by storm, transforming free space into personal gyms. 😅

  • Stationary bikes, smart mirrors, and rowers have become living room staples, but only for those who can afford them.

    • The high price points and a lack of versatility have prevented at-home fitness equipment from reaching the masses. 💰

  • This week’s company democratizes connected fitness through affordable, versatile equipment and fitness content.

In a Sentence

Fit! is a connected fitness company that offers affordable equipment and influencer-led training content.

  • Connected fitness: Integrates tech with fitness equipment.

  • Equipment: Fit!’s first product is a compact bodyweight gym.

  • Content: Users choose from influencer-led workout videos in an app.

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Bulleted Version:

  • Fit! is like Netflix and IKEA for fitness training, offering a variety of on-demand video content and affordable home gym equipment. 💪

The Basics

Due Dilligence


  • ⌚️ Connected fitness trends: The growth of the fitness equipment market is driven by consumers adopting hybrid fitness routines and connected products that offer various workouts.

    • Plus, influencers have accelerated the adoption of at-home exercise and equipment.

  • 📱 Influencer reach: By partnering with fitness influencers for content creation, Fit! organically markets its products to new audiences across social platforms.

  • 👥 Wide market appeal: Fit! caters to a larger end market than most connected fitness platforms and equipment providers with a pipeline of versatile products offered at lower price points.


  • 👟 Competitive landscape: Fit! competes with established connected fitness companies and new entrants trying to take market share from dominant players.

    • Plus, the industry has faced challenges as gym memberships have nearly reached pre-pandemic levels.

  • 📦 Equipment delivery: Competitors have proven that supply chain issues are common for rapidly growing fitness equipment providers.

    • Fit! must ensure logistics are integrated into the core of its operations to maintain customer loyalty and attract new customers.

  • 🤝 Influencer partnerships: Relying on creator partnerships for fitness content may be expensive to scale and cause operational complexities

Founder Profile



Why Fit!

  • With promising early revenue and alternative products in an industry known for high costs and niche offerings, Fit! is strongly postioned to transform at-home fitness. 🏋🏼

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