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COMPANY: DecisionFacts
INDUSTRY: Business/Productivity tool, Data
HQ: Santa Clara, CA
FOUNDER: Sriram Gopalan, Prabhu Raghav
20 Mar 2023

Setting the Scene

  • It’s March 2020, you work for a toilet paper startup, and you’re tasked with estimating how much supply must be produced to match hoarder demand. 🧻

  • With basic data analytics skills, you make projections based on historical data, but your model fails to keep up with the evolving hoarding craze.

  • You outsource the task to a data scientist to run advanced analytics.

    • The worker knows nothing about the business strategy and can only test one scenario at a time. 🤦

  • Advanced data analytics enable companies to understand complex, changing data, but fail to cater to non-technical decision-makers.

  • This week’s company provides a collaborative platform that allows business users to configure and track multiple scenarios to make informed decisions.

In a Sentence

DecisionFacts is a collaborative advanced analytics platform that enables companies to simulate and assess business scenarios.

  • Collaborative: Business users configure, store, and run self-service models, data scientists upload or build data simulations, and IT teams track data governance.

  • Advanced analytics: Techniques like AI, machine learning, and digital twins help companies predict future events and receive recommendations.

  • Simulate and assess: Customers upload, build, customize, run, track, and evaluate real-time models to understand hypothetical scenarios based on historical data.

Bulleted Version


The Basics:

  • Headquarters: Santa Clara, CA
  • Employee Count: 10
  • Funding amount: $120K
  • Currently raising: $1M in seed funding
  • Business model: B2B SaaS and licensing
  • Early traction: Growing 20% quarter over quarter, named top 10 Enterprise Tech Startup by Plug and Play, 3 paying enterprise customers and 7 POCs

Due Diligence

  • 📈 An advancing market: The $30b advanced analytics market is projected to grow 22% each year as companies adopt technologies that interpret data, test scenarios, and guide decision-making.

  • 🗺 For any decision: DecisionFacts sells to enterprise customers across industries and serves a variety of use cases, from CPG companies optimizing their supply chains to manufacturing companies predicting equipment maintenance.

  • 🌉 Bridging the gaps: By serving operators, data scientists, and IT managers, DecisionFacts adds value across business functions, differentiates from existing data analytics platforms, and increases ACV.

  • 🦾 Support at scale: DecisionFacts must be able to scale with its customers by providing the infrastructure to support big data systems and compete with innovative data giants.

  • 👩‍🏫 Data education: The company will have to educate customers on the benefits of advanced analytics and target numerous customer segments.

  • 🥷🏻 Security: DecisionFacts must ensure data security to protect customers’ sensitive data from hackers and other security threats.


Founder Profile


Why DecisionFacts

By making advanced analytics accessible for business operators while offering collaboration with data scientists and IT managers, we predict that DecisionFacts will disrupt data-backed decisions. 💥