Danvas 🖼

display your digital art

setting the scene

  • you’re interested in collecting NFTs and decide to make your first purchase 💲
  • when you show off your new digital art to your friends, you’re met with skepticism 😢
    • “that’s art? it looks like a picture on your phone screen” 🤨
    • “what’s stopping someone from screenshotting that image?” 🤔
    • “is a non-fungible token a type of mushroom?” 🍄
  • NFTs are disrupting the art world, but artists and collectors face difficulty sharing and displaying art irl 
  • this week’s company brings digital art to the real world with a museum-quality frame

in a sentence

Danvas provides a tech-enabled display that showcases NFTs and digital art 

  • tech-enabled: lighting, sound, and sensors create an interactive viewing experience
  • display: a luxury, museum-like frame that connects to smart devices
  • NFTs: a light at the bottom of the canvas verifies ownership

bulleted version: today, the best way to display NFT art pieces is to showcase them on a tv screen, which is equivalent to duct taping a poster to your wall; Danvas’ product improves the display of NFT art at any location  🖼

the basics

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due diligence

what we like

  • 🌉 playing in two sizable markets: Danvas is bridging the $17b NFT-based digital art market with the largely undisrupted, $65b global art market
  • 💥 expansion opportunities: by building solutions for discovering, displaying, and sharing NFTs, Danvas’ product roadmap has the potential to take many directions
  • 🌱 growing their own market: by helping digital artists connect with audiences and collectors to showcase their purchases, Danvas will encourage artists to continue creating and collectors to keep buying

potential risks

  • 💰 luxury product: while NFTs make art ownership more accessible, Danvas’ product may bring digital art closer to the exclusive art market
  • 1️⃣ and done: collectors only need one frame to display as many pieces as they wish
    • how will the company keep customers interested after purchasing the frame?
  • 📉 NFT sales growth: the decline of NFT sales volume in recent months makes the market’s future growth unclear
weekly cartoon

founder profiles


why Danvas: Danvas offers a quality, disruptive solution that enables NFT art to be shown how the artist intended; it’s easy to picture Danvas driving the transformation of the digital art market 🎨

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