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shred your paperwork

setting the scene

  • we often get asked how we manage our startup pipeline

  • here’s the step-by-step:

    • receive an inbound email from a founder

    • request company materials

    • add company information to our database

    • schedule a call with the founder

    • collect information from the founder to write the feature

    • repeat 🔁 

  • what if we could receive materials, add companies to our database, and schedule calls with founders in an automated workflow? 🤯 

  • this week’s company helps customers save time spent on administrative processes by reducing back-and-forth paperwork and automating repeatable tasks

in a sentence

Component is a no-code platform that enables customers to automate business processes in a single workflow

  • no-code: build multi-step workflows by dragging and dropping steps into an easy-to-use editor

    • integrates with DocuSign, Calendly, Hubspot, Notion, Slack, Sharepoint, and more

  • processes: merge paperwork processes like filling out PDFs, collecting signatures, and uploading documents through a simple client-facing experience

bulleted version: Component is like a customizable assembly line for paperwork, allowing companies to streamline repeated processes at scale ⚙️

the basics

  • industry: b2b saas; business/productivity tool

  • headquarters: New York, NY 🚖

  • year founded: 2022

  • company size: 2 employees 💼

  • investors: not disclosed

  • business model: b2b saas

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due diligence

what we like

  • 🤖 no-code automation: the automated workflow market is projected to grow 23.4% each year through 2030 as companies seek to reduce manual processes, improve the employee experience, and minimize human error

    • no-code platforms are outpacing the market, as they allow for use by non-developers and save time for technical users

  • 🌐 broad use cases: Component caters to a variety of users, from saas startups to biotech enterprises, and use cases, from HR teams onboarding new employees to IT teams approving equipment purchases

  • 👀 growing with users: as Component onboards pilot customers and expands its user base, the company continues to add new products and integrations to address pain points and help customers save time

potential risks

  • ✍🏼 tailoring to everyone: the company must market to a broad range of teams and industries and work closely with prospective customers to map their specific use cases

  • 👣 automation giants: Component’s opportunity to expand beyond paperwork automation is limited by automation leaders like Zapier, Workato, and Alloy who dominate marketing and business use cases

  • 🐌 slow sales cycles: while focusing initially on enterprise customers will provide the company with large checks, Component will experience long sales cycles

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founder profiles


why Component: 180+ users, numerous pilots, and a paying enterprise customer are components that will position the company for long-term success 🚀

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