Camber 🗺

what if every Yelp review was written by people you knew?

a note from us

  • there are two key factors when choosing your next destination, meal, or activity: recommendations & reviews   
    • recommendations from friends usually come in the form of:
      • a conversation where you frantically scribble suggestions on a notepad you can’t find the next day 🗒️
      • shared notes or website links that get lost in your phone’s clutter
    • reviews come from:
      • Yelp/Google where random people make decisions for you 🤨
      • local guides or travel bloggers that give touristy lists
  • Camber, today’s company, has an organized, interpersonal solution for recommendations & reviews

in a sentence

Camber is an app that lets you share your favorite places with friends, plan your next trip, and discover spots near and far ✈️

  • share your favorite places: categories include food, drinks, sights, museums, coffee, hotels, outdoors, dessert, shopping, self-care, activities, exercise
  • plan your next trip: look through friends’ recommendations and mark places you want to go
  • discover spots: a map interface allows users to find places down the street and around the world 📍

bulleted version: stressed about finding the right West Village spot to take your Hinge date? stock their Camber profile to find their favorite hidden gem!

the basics

  • industry: travel, social media, reviews & recommendations
  • headquarters: Los Angeles, CA 🌊 🏄🏻‍♀️
  • year founded: 2020
  • company size: 2 employees
  • app stage: beta access
  • amount raised: none, looking for the right investor(s) 👀

due diligence

what we like

  • captivating users: this platform isn’t vacation-dependent; Camber can be used for long trips or any casual weekday night
  • great opportunity to monetize: any location-based app has high potential for premium ad revenue 💵

potential risks

  • great features but we’re looking for more: we’d like to see a recent recommendation page or access to recs outside the list of people we follow
  • wide target audience: the branding says gen z & millennial, but our parents would love this app
    • and with appeal from users with different interests, it may be difficult to market to all foodies, museum goers, bargain finders, and outdoor explorers
  • place discovery: reliant on users to add new places to the Camber database

founder profiles


why Camber: while experimenting with the app, team bulletpitch happened to be traveling all over the grid; it was exciting checking out our recommendations from around the world! 🌎

want to try out Camber? click this link on your Apple device