Behavidence 🤳

monitor your mental health

setting the scene

  • we’ve all been in that situation where after talking about a product, an ad shows up for it on social media… 👀
  • our digital behavior allows big tech companies to capitalize on our online footprints by targeting us with specific content and products 👣
  • while tracking might provide a more tailored online experience, it may come at the expense of users’ well-being 🚫
  • what if analyzing phone usage could actually help improve wellness? 🔄
  • this week’s company tracks mobile behavior to diagnose and manage mental health conditions 📱

in a sentence

Behavidence is a platform that aids with the diagnosis and management of mental health disorders through behavioral markers  

  • diagnosis: users get a similarity score based on how their digital behavior compares to those with conditions such as anxiety, depression, PTSD, and ADHD
  • markers: examples include apps opened and duration of app use

bulleted version: similar to how Netflix uses digital behavior to recommend a new show, Behavidence analyzes phone usage to help monitor mental health 📺

the basics

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due diligence

what we like

  • 💨 pandemic tailwinds: spend on mental health technology has accelerated, and mental health tech startups raised $5.5b in 2021, up 139% from 2020
  • 🔢 based on data: screening, diagnosing, and managing mental health conditions have historically been based on clinical interviews, which are expensive and subjective
  • 🔎 validation through research: Behavidence’s data is reliable and scientifically validated to help influence the future of diagnosis

potential risks

  • 🔒 privacy: while Behavidence has a comprehensive privacy policy, tracking digital behavior may raise ethical questions
  • 😰 self-monitoring: could having constant access to a mental health score cause some users additional stress?
  • 👩🏽‍⚕️ not a standalone tool: Behavidence must work in conjunction with healthcare professionals to improve mental health disorders
weekly cartoon

founder profiles


why Behavidence: early user behavior shows strong traction with 40k installs and 9k daily active users; this demonstrates the platform’s potential to help individuals understand their mental health conditions 🧠

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