Setting the Scene

  • What if you could prompt AI to generate a product and automatically find a manufacturer to produce the item? 🤯

  • Prompts could include:

    • “Design 30 glow-in-the-dark teddy bears for my kid’s space-themed birthday party.“

    • “Produce 50 coffee mugs that change color with heat, revealing our company's logo.”

    • “Make me a pair of custom slippers that look like giant avocados.” 🥑

  • Individuals and businesses seek high-quality custom products, yet they struggle to effectively find and communicate with reliable manufacturers.

  • This week’s company is an AI platform that makes it easier, faster, and more reliable for anyone to create unique products.

In a Sentence

USourced is an AI-powered platform that generates and designs custom products and connects customers with manufacturers..

  • AI-powered: USourced's AI chatbot interprets user prompts, creates custom designs, and generates 3D mockups.

  • Manufacturers: USourced directly sources from a global network of trusted suppliers, ensuring quality, reliable, and affordable products.

logo image

Bulleted Version:

  • USourced is a fully customizable, AI-driven version of Custom Ink combined with Alibaba's product sourcing strategy to offer personalized, affordable, and efficiently sourced products. 📦

The Basics

  • Headquarters: Remote 👩🏻‍💻
  • Employee Count: 4
  • Investors:

    Neo, Rebecca Zamolo

  • Business model: Commission on orders
  • Early traction: Pre-product pilot with $500k in GMV in 6 months, over 55 paying clients, $3k average order size, and 100+ orders.

Due Dilligence


  • 📈 Market trends: The custom products market is massive yet highly fragmented, and existing players struggle to efficiently and transparently connect users with trusted manufacturers.

  • ↔️ Competitive differentiation: USourced AI technology gives the company a competitive edge throughout the design and product sourcing process by cutting down on manual steps, increasing product customizability, and enabling competitive pricing.

  • 💥 End customer: USourced serves an expansive end market, including individuals, creators, small businesses, and large brands wanting customized products.


  • ✋🏼 Quality control: USourced's fully-automated design and sourcing process may lead to manufacturing mistakes or quality issues throughout the complex supply chain.

    • The company must have a dedicated customer support team to ensure effective coordination between international suppliers and buyers.

  • 🌿 Environmental concerns: As consumers and businesses seek to purchase more sustainably, USourced must consider climate-friendly alternatives for buyers wanting to avoid the typically large carbon footprint of the product supply chain.

  • 🏁 Competitive market: With legacy custom products players and new creator-focused entrants, USourced must effectively market its solution to take share from competitors.

Founder Profile

  • Julia Xu, CEO: Previously founded Multitasky and served as the former Chief of Staff at Alibaba.

  • Mandy Chow, COO: Previously worked at Airwallex and Goldman Sachs.

  • Frank Luan, CTO: Previously worked for Meta’s AI team and founded the social app SketchOff, which received $25m in funding.

  • Frances Feng, CMO: Former project leader at Cricut.



Why USourced

  • With an AI-driven platform that takes unique product ideas and instantly matches them to an extensive network of manufacturers, USourced is positioned as the go-to source for e-commerce customization. 🤝 

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