Setting the Scene

  • Water scarcity poses a significant threat to regions like California, placing them on the brink of losing hundreds of thousands of acres of farmland to desertification.

  • Here are a few ways drought-like conditions affect various industries:

    • To keep farmland operational, farms pay hundreds of thousands in water overuse bills.

    • Insurance companies grapple with costs resulting from hurricane and wildfire damages.

    • Ski resorts deal with revenue loss from inadequate snowfall.

  • This week’s company is on a mission to keep earth habitable by revolutionizing cloud seeding to create partial rain.

In a Sentence

Rainmaker uses cloud seeding technology to help alleviate global water scarcity.

  • Cloud seeding: A method to induce and enhance precipitation in clouds by introducing specific chemical agents.

  • Technology: Rainmaker sends drones into the sky and uses its meteorological software to predict, analyze, and modify weather patterns to maximize the efficiency of cloud seeding.

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Bulleted Version:

  • Think of Rainmaker as nature's ultimate sprinkler system, utilizing meteorological software, drones, and a specialized nucleation agent to create rainfall. ☔️

The Basics

  • Headquarters: El Segundo, CA ⚙️
  • Employee Count: 5
  • Funding amount: $1.54M pre-seed
  • Business model: Contract based, with clients currently in beta for 60k/year. Once fully operational average yearly contract value will be around $200k-500k per client
  • Early traction: First contract with California based, E W Merritt Farms

Due Dilligence


  • 📈Market opportunity: The global demand for cloud seeding is expected to grow to a market size of nearly $212 billion by 2028.

  • ✈️ Innovating an old practice: Since the 1950s, the two traditional modes of cloud seeding have been ground-based generators and airplanes, which are imprecise and rely on old practices.

    • Rainmaker’s product yields precision through its drone technology and weather tracking software, along with a more efficient nucleation agent.

  • 💦 Environmental impact: Water scarcity in the US is transforming California's farmland into deserts and depleting the Ogallala Aquifer beneath the Great Plains, endangering the $92 billion agriculture industry and life west of the Mississippi.

    • While desalination (making sea water fresh) is one possible solution to combat scarcity, there is an uphill battle to get this to scale on a reasonable timeline.


  • 🌎 Manipulating the weather: While the pressing challenges of water scarcity may outweigh this concern, there might be an ethical dilemma around manipulating natural processes.

  • 😳 Commercialization: The primary obstacle in scaling this operation lies in factors like steep hardware costs and adhering to FAA regulations.

  • 🔄 Rapid market growth: If cloud seeding becomes more mainstream, competitors may engage in improper practices to catch up to Rainmaker.

Founder Profile



Why Rainmaker

  • By improving traditional cloud seeding methods with precise drone deployment, metrological software, and an upgraded nucleation agent, this company will be making it rain both literally and figuratively. 💸

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