Setting the Scene

  • Believe it or not, many locations on Google Maps are inaccurate by a few meters. 🧐

  • While this may be a minor inconvenience for the casual user, it poses challenges in sectors like aviation, defense, and urban planning.

  • Current mapping technology called LiDAR measures the Earth from aircrafts or drones but is limited by flight ranges, weather disruptions, and hard-to-reach areas.

    • Today, only 5% of the world has been mapped accurately.

  • This week's company harnesses the power of satellites and LiDAR technology to accurately map the Earth in 3D.

In a Sentence

NUVIEW is a geospatial technology company that maps the Earth using satellites and LiDAR for a broad set of use cases..

  • Satellites: Capture and visualize the Earth's surface in 3D, allowing for a comprehensive view of terrain, structures, and objects.

  • LiDAR: This stands for Light Detection and Ranging, where the company sends laser beams from the satellites to measure distances.

  • Use cases: Commercial applications include forest monitoring, coastal planning, flood risk management, defense, and urban zoning.

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Bulleted Version:

  • Think of NUVIEW as the transition from using a manual tape measurer, with its potential inaccuracies, to a precise laser measurer. 📏

The Basics

Due Dilligence


  • ⬆️ Massive market expansion: NUVIEW has the potential to expand the ~$60B geospatial market by mapping parts of the Earth that have yet to be captured with existing LiDAR technology.

    • By penetrating trees and mapping water bodies from space, NUVIEW unlocks numerous opportunities for LiDAR use cases.

  • 🥇 First-mover advantage: NUVIEW offers the first space-based commercial LiDAR satellite fleet to conduct accurate mapping at a lower price point.

    • Similar first-movers such as Maxar’s dominance of the space market or Airbus’s control of the radar market exemplify this advantage.

  • 🤝 Varied use cases: NUVIEW’s technology serves a variety of commercial and governmental use cases across energy and infrastructure, agriculture, forestry, insurance, mapping, intelligence, and emergency response.

    • The company already has massive contracts signed with energy analytics, national defense, land use, and coastline mapping.


  • 🚀 Launch timeline: NUVIEW must hit key prototype, software, and integration milestones in the next 24 months to meet contracts and take advantage of the greenfield opportunity with few competitors.

  • ⚙️ Technical risks: Satellite LiDAR technology is complicated and sensitive to a variety of technical limitations, which could impact the accuracy and applicability of the company’s technology.

  • 💰 Capital intensive: The company must spend upfront to build and maintain satellites and abide by regulatory requirements, and build an MVP before seeing its first customer check.

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  • Pioneering commercial LiDAR technology from space, NUVIEW aims to eclipse traditional mapping and add a new dimension to geospatial intelligence across industries. 🌍🛰️🔍

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