Setting the Scene

  • In July 2021, the NCAA’s NIL policy finally allowed college athletes to monetize their personal brands.

  • While top-tier names swiftly inked lucrative deals, many athletes found it difficult to connect with brands.

  • Similarly, many brands found it challenging to identify athletes who align with their values and marketing objectives.

  • This week’s company enables athletes to capitalize on their name and likeness by connecting them to brands compliantly.

In a Sentence

MOGL is an influencer marketplace connecting college athletes with brands while providing operations software for athletics departments.

  • Athletes: Connect with brands and fans, browse opportunities, and leverage AI matching capabilities for optimal partnerships.

  • Brands: Engage and connect with athletes with additional access to influencer marketing tools.

  • Operations Software: Real-time compliance reporting, monitoring, and network analytics for athletic departments.

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Bulleted Version:

  • Think of MOGL as an NIL talent agency, where athletes can showcase themselves to brands and brands can select the best talent for their needs. 🤝

The Basics

Due Dilligence


  • Market & growth: In a short time, the NIL market has ballooned to a valuation of over $1B, as brands place a premium on micro-influencers.

    • With multiple revenue streams from brands, universities, and collectives, MOGL is well positioned to tap this market.

  • 📈 Customer Acquisition: MOGL’s acquisition strategy involves universities or collectives purchasing the platform, allowing the onboarding of many athletes all at once, instead of one-by-one.

  • 📐 Compliance for athletic departments: MOGL’s compliance tools provide a crucial value add for universities trying to keep track of hundreds of their athletes navigating the complex regulatory environment of college sports.


  • 🏁 Competition: With a growing number of platforms connecting athletes and brands, MOGL faces stiff competition that could challenge customer acquisition and retention.

  • 🤷🏼 Market uncertainty: The novelty of the NIL policy introduces market instability and the risk of future regulatory changes that might impact MOGL’s operations.

  • 🔄 Bypassing the platform: What’s stopping a brand with reach from promoting an ambassador program without MOGL.


Founder Profile


  • The company’s focus on building a solution to power the entire NIL industry — from athletes, to brands, to athletic departments — positions MOGL to outplay its competition. 🏆