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INDUSTRY: Sports Tech, AgTech, Robotics
HQ: London, England
FOUNDER: C. V. Schedit, E. Lompech-Leneveu, G Zichy, A. J. Berteloot
22 Aug 2023

Setting the Scene

  • We often hear, “the grass isn’t always greener,” but on sports fields some spots might actually be greener, safer, and more resource efficient. 🌱

  • Shockingly, 90% of sports injuries result from slips on inadequately maintained turf.

  • However, proper field maintenance can come with hours of manual labor and tools that lack precision, resulting in excess resource use and imperfect results.

  • This week’s company uses robotics and AI to scan fields and ensure optimal conditions while decreasing resources needed.

In a Sentence

E-Nano designs robotics and software tools to help grounds keepers ensure optimal field conditions.

  • Robotics: Advanced machinery navigates fields and uses sensors and data analysis to identify areas that need attention.

  • Optimal: E-Nano's approach ensures prime and cost-effective surface maintenance, reducing resource overuse.

Bulleted Version

  • Think of E-Nano as the ski groomer for sports fields; just as groomers survey ski slopes to plan for optimal runs, E-Nano uses AI and robotics to assess fields, pinpointing patches that require attention. ⛷️

The Basics:

  • Headquarters: London, England
  • Employee Count: 5
  • Investors:

    SFC Capital

  • Funding amount: £175k pre-seed and £250k in public funding
  • Currently raising: £1.2M (£180k in seed and £235k in public funding committed)
  • Business model: Robots as a Service (Install + Recurring Service Fees)
  • Early traction: Contracts with UK, EU, and FIFA Football leagues amounting to £175k in orders on the books and £2.5M in negotiation agreements.

Due Diligence

  • 🌾 Sports field management market: E-Nano targets the athletic field construction and maintenance market that currently faces inefficiency and high costs.

    • E-Nano's technology enables automatic data collection, drastically slashing labor requirements and associated costs.

  • ⛳ Use cases: Beyond traditional sports fields, E-Nano's versatile sensors can be brought to golf courses, farms, parks, and more.

  • 🍃 Environmental Impact: E-Nano helps reduce the use of fertilizers, water, and other inputs, resulting in greener grass and a lower carbon footprint.

  • 🔄 Sales cycles: E-Nano could encounter prolonged sales cycles, especially when targeting end customers who have historically been slower to embrace new hardware and software solutions.

  • ⚙️ High touch: Given their complex product offerings, E-Nano must work closely with customers for seamless hardware-software integration and maintenance.

  • 💰Costly production: E-Nano has high input costs and may need to continue to spend heavily on the production of the units before selling the product at scale.


Founder Profile

Why E-Nano

Pioneering the automated assessment of sports fields and agricultural lands, E-Nano's patented robotics sensor, is set to revolutionize the playing field in the sports and agtech markets.